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1. ) 你给英国朋友Chris写一封信,内容包括: 1.你们原计划7月份一同去云南旅游;

2.由于脚部受伤,你无法按原计划前往;3.表达你的歉意并建议将旅行推迟到8月份。注意: 1.词数不少于50. 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

How is everything going

I remember we planned to visit Yunnan in July but now because my left foot was injured, I cannot go with you as planned.

I’m sorry about it. Can I suggest that we put it off until early august? I wish you could understand. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

2.)假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,用校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你和同学们向学校提建议,解决自行车存放问题的过程。注意: 1. 词数不少于 60. 2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

I noticed the entrance was small and almost blocked. So my classmates and I had a discussion and wrote a report. Then we went to meet the schoolmaster in his office and gave the report to him. He accepted our suggestions. Soon afterwards, a second entrance was opened to the parking place. Now it is easy to park our bikes there.



注意:1.词数100左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3.参考词汇:住宿-accommodation I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain to attend a summer school during the vacation. I’ve seen your ad, and I’d like to know something more about your six-week English course. First, when will the course start and how many class hours are there per week? Besides, wish there would not be too many students in a class, I’d also like to know how much I have to pay for the course and whether accommodation is included. Would be there host family or university dormitory

I am looking forward to your early reply.


1. 家庭。 2.工作。3. 业余生活

注意:1、次数100左右;2、可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3. 开头语已为你写好

think my life will be very different in ten years. I will be twenty-eight years old by then. I will have my own family, probably with a lovely child. I hope I will work in a computer company as a program designer. I will enjoy my work and get along well with my colleagues; I will do a good job in whatever I do. In my free time, I will continue to take regular exercise, such as swimming, running and various ball games. On my holidays, I will travel around the world. In a word,

my life will be much richer and more colorful.


为了帮助中学生健康成长,某中学英文报开辟了HEART-TO-HEART专栏。假设你是该栏目的编辑Jamie,收到一封署名为Worried的求助信。信中该同学向你诉说了你自己的困扰;近日容易发脾气,使正常的学习和生活受到了影响。请用英文给该同学写一封回信。内容要点如下: 1. 表示理解并给予安慰; 2. 提出建议并说明理由。注意: 1. 词数120左右;2. 信中不能出现与本人相关的信息;3. 信的开头与结尾

已为你拟好,不计入总词数。参考词汇:temper n. 脾气,情绪 truth is everyone will have one of those periods when things seem to be going wrong, so you don’t have to worry so much. The important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret. Here are three useful tips:

First, talk to someone you trust about how you feel. This is a good way of letting your anger out without hurting others or yourself. Second, go outdoors and play team games with your friends as physical exercise is an effective way to get rid of anger. And third, remain optimistic about your future. Such a positive attitude towards life can be helpful in lifting your spirits.

I hope you’ll soon feel calmer and carry on as normal.



如何理解“成功”,不同的人有不同的看法。请认真阅读下面的引语( quotation),按要求用英语写一篇短文。 “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."- Sir Winston, Churchill 内容要求:1.你对该引语的理解:2.你的相关经历:3.恰当的结尾。注意: 1.短文开头已给出,不计人总词数: 2.文中不能出现考生的具体信息: 3.词数:120左右。

dn't get discouraged right after failures. Rather, we should keep trying with enthusiasm. Success consists in the ability to continue efforts through failures.

At the age of twelve, I got a nice bike as a birthday gift. So excited was I that I couldn't wait to try my hand at riding it. However, it was harder than expected. The bike seemed too heavy and difficult to control. Worse still, I took many falls off the bike. I was about to give up when my father came and encouraged me to keep going. With more practice, I did better and better. Looking back, I feel I wouldn't be able to ride a bike had I lost heart.

Actually, we can't succeed in everything we try. What's important is that we should stick to

our dreams.

successful life in different cultures, Richard, from 2011, began to seek time twins around the world. With the help of the local media, he has already found 32 time twins from 13 countries, of whom there are 17 males and 15 females. Their positions include government officials, athletes, drivers, teachers, artists and so on. Richard intends to find 40 time twins before his birthday and he is going to write a book based on this experience.

第二节 读写任务(共1小题;满分25分)阅读下面短文,然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

Osceola McCarty spent more than 75 years washing and ironing other people’s clothes. As a laundrywoman, she was paid only a few dollars each time. Certainly nobody would consider her rich, so they were all amazed when Miss McCarty decided to donate $ 150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi.

The money was I me savings. She could save such a large amount of money because she lived a very simple life. She never learned to drive, and when she wanted to go somewhere, she just walked. She never flew to anywhere till the donation(捐助),and in 50 years she had been out of the South only once. The house in which she lived was also a rather modest one her last uncle left her. Only after she became known in America did she begin to travel all over the country. Since then, she had been the subject of many interviews and articles and was even invited to the White House.

Her donation was for students who clearly needed financial help. She herself left school in the sixth grade and had never married or had children. She said to the reporters that the idea of helping somebody’s child go to college gave her much pleasure.

[写作内容]用约30个词概括上文的主要内容。用约120个词就Miss McCarty的捐助谈谈你的想法,内容包括:


[写作要求]1. 作文中可以使用亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引用原文的句子。2.作文中不得出现真实姓名和学校名称。


Small things make a big difference. The small things we do can make us a responsible member of the society.

注意:①无须写标题;②除诗歌外,文体不限;③内容必须结合你生活中的具体事例; ④文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称;⑤词数不少于120,如引用提示语则不计入总词数。

It isn’t hard to grow up into a responsible member of society.

I can well remember an incident that happened on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I was on my way to the bookstore and was waiting for the green light at a crossing when a girl of about ten was knocked down by a passing car, which drove off quickly. A man immediately rushed to the girl to give her first aid and I joined in without hesitation. Luckily she was not badly injured and we sent her to the nearest hospital. Compared with the escaped driver, I am proud of what I did.

As a member of the society, I am aware that being responsible is what it takes to make a better society.

学校正在组织科技创新大赛,你想为中某件物品(如钢笔、书包、鞋子……)设计添加新功能来参赛。请以“My Magic xxx ”为题写一篇英语短文,介绍你的创意。内容:1.说明设计理由2.介绍新功能。注意;:


My magic water bottle will be a replacement of the traditional one which can change the

temperature of the inside water automatically according to the changes of the outer environment.

There are certain factors I take into account on my new invention. For one thing, traditional water bottle makes it inconvenient for travelers to have a comfortable drink anytime and anywhere. For another, drinking too cold or too hot water does nothing but harm to our health, so my magic water bottle can serve as an assistant or a doctor.

The new functions will win my magic water bottle enormous love and popularity. On the one hand, the automatic temperature-controlling system mentioned above can adjust the water temperature. On the other hand, we can set a desirable temperature for the inside water, and what surprises us most is that the water can remain at that temperature for about twenty hours.


请阅读下面短文,并按照要求用英语写一篇 150 词左右的文章。

When we read newspapers, we often come across such English words as “AIDS” and “PK.” When we watch TV, we frequently hear words like “NBA” or “PM2.5.” When we speak, we automatically use words like “OUT” or “Bye-bye.” English words and expressions like these are getting popular. They have already become part of our daily language. And 239 English words have been included in the latest Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese.

The inclusion has started a heated discussion. A group of scholars signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of these English words, which, they think, goes against Chinese language policies. They not only worry that Chinese is borrowing an increasing number of English words but are also concerned that the inclusion may hurt the dignity of the Chinese language. However, others are in favor of the inclusion because it is hard to say whether it will threaten the Chinese language. They believe the selection is mostly a result of their function and use in daily life.

[写作内容] 1. 用约 30 个单词写出上文概要;2. 用约 120 个单词发表你的观点,内容包括:(1)支持或反对汉语词典收录英语词汇;(2)用 2- 3个理由或论据支撑你的观点。[写作要求]1. 可以支持文中任一观点,但必须提供理由或论据;2. 阐述观点或提供论据时,不能直接引用原文语句;3. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称;4. 不必写标题。

:2002-2014年全国卷 高考英语 作文范文

2002-2014年全国英语高考卷I / II作文范文




方米,月租500元,地址在Fangcao Street,离Jianxin Chinese School,11路公交车可以直达。

注意:1. 词数:100左右。2. 参考词汇:房租 rent(n.)。 Dear Bob,

I'm so glad to learn that you're coming in September. I've found a place for you. It's a small flat of 25 square meters, with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. In the bedroom there is a bed, a sofa, a desk and a chair. The rent is 500 yuan per month. The flat is in a building on Fangcao Street, which is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. Bus No. 11 can take you straight to the school. In fact, it's only one stop. Do you think you'd like it? If not, I can try and find another place for you. Just let me know.

Yours, Li Hua



比赛时间:7 月18日 。报名时间:截止到6月30日。报名地点:北京电视台

注意:1.词数:100左右 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 3.参考词汇:才艺大赛—talent show 内容要点:1.才艺大赛的内容和对象2.比赛时间3.报名时间和地点4.建议参加,表示可提供帮助


Dear Peter,

I read in a newspaper today that a ―Learn Chinese, Sing Chinese Songs‖ Foreigners’ Talent Show will be held in Beijing Television Station on July 18. I know you like singing, and you are in Beijing during that period. I think this is a good chance for you to show your singing talent, and how well you’ve learned Chinese. If you would like to try, you have to go to the TV station to sign up before the end of June. If there is anything I can do for you, I would be more than glad to help.

Yours, Li Hua


假设你是李华,加拿大一所学校将于今年暑假组织学生来你校访问。其间,Andy Smith将借住你家。请你代表全家写信给Andy,欢迎他的到来,并告知有关事宜。信的要点如下: 1.上午:学校活动2.下午:游览市区3. 晚上:看电视,玩游戏,聊天

注意:1. 词数:100左右2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 3. 参考词汇:安排arrange Dear Andy,

I am glad to learn that you are coming to China and will stay at my home.

My parents and I are very pleased to have you with us. Now let me tell you what we have arranged for you. I know the school will organize a lot of things for you to do in the morning, but in the afternoon, I’ll show you around and take you to some places of interest. We’ll mostly stay at home in the evening watching TV, playing games, and meeting people. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time and enjoy each other’s company.


I’m looking forward very much to meeting you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

2005年高考英语全国卷I 第二节 书面表达(满分25(分)



注意:1. 词数100左右,信的格式已为你写好。2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3. 参考词汇:牛津—Oxford 费用—fee Dear Sir/Madame,

I’m writing for more information about the day tour to London.

As a student at Oxford University, I’d like to know if you have any special price for students. As for the money you charge, does it cover the entrance fees for visiting the places listed? What about lunch? Is it included? Or do I need to bring along my own food? How long will the tour last? Since I need to prepare my lessons for the next day, I’d like to know the time to return. Besides, is there any time for shopping? I really want to have a look at the big stores in London.

Yours, Li Hua

2005年高考英语全国卷II 书面表达(满分30分)


赞成迁出: 1. 游客多,交通堵塞2. 郊区环境好。 反对迁出:1. 建于1906年,中外闻名2. 搬迁易造成动物死亡

注意:1. 词数100字左右,信的开头已为你写好。2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

3. 参考词汇: 郊区—suburb June 3, 2005 Dear Editor,

Recently, our class have had a heated discussion about whether the Beijing Zoo should be moved out of the city. Some of my classmates are in favor of the move. They say large crowds of tourists to the zoo will result in traffic jams. They also say that once moved, animals will have more space and better living conditions in the suburbs. However, other students are against the idea, saying that the Beijing Zoo, built in 1906, has a history of 100 years, and is well–known at home and abroad. So it should remain where it is. What’s more,


moving may cause the death of some animals. Whether to move or not, this is a big decision which has to be made by people in Beijing.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


假定你是李华。应英国朋友Bob的要求, 写一封短信介绍你校图书馆的基本情况。内容须包括下面两幅图中的相关信息。

注意:1、字数100左右2、可以适当增减细节,以使行文连贯3、开头语已为你写好 (注:上面的小字是:借阅须知:每人每次5本,借期10天。下面的小字是:开放时间:周一至周五,早9:00至晚7:00,周末馆。) Dear Bob,

school. There is a beautiful garden in front of it and our classroom building is right behind it. The library is big. When you get inside, you will see many shelves full of books on different subjects. There are also lots of newspapers and magazines. We borrow books and do some reading in the library. According to the rule, every student can borrow up to 5 books each time and keep them for 10 days. It is open from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and closed on weekends. We all like our library very much.




  一 认真研读本地区的《考试大纲》



  关于词汇的学习,应分清记忆词汇和常用词汇。记忆词汇只需知道中文意思就可以了。如 pillow, wire, collar, cake, port, pole, socialism, revolution等,这类词一般是名词。常用词主要是动词,连词,介词,形容词,副词等。这些词使用频率高,变化较多,不易掌握。如动词: put, take, make, get, let, turn, keep, break, run, come, go等。连词:and, but, when, while, yet, because, for, before, after等。介词:on, in, of, off, to, behind等。



  第一档 完全完成了试题规定的任务。







  1. I get along with others easily, which is especially useful for a volunteer.

  2. I’m Wang Shan, a girl of 16, presently attending Beijing Yangguang Middle School.

  3. He is looking at the laptop in great curiosity, unable to figure out what it is.

  4. The striking differences between the two show rapid changes in people’s life in China.


  二 每周至少做2套综合练习题




  三 坚持阅读,每日2-4篇






  1. The story mainly tells us ________.

  2. From the passage we know that ________.

  3. The writer wants to tell us ________.

  4. The best title of this passage should be ________.

  5. The main idea of Paragraph 1 is ________.


  1. We can infer from the passage ________.

  2. From the passage, we can tell ________.

  3. We can conclude from the passage ________.

  4. The author’s attitude to… is that ________.

  5. The writer’s purpose in writing this story is ________.


  1. Choose the right order of the events given in the following.

  2. Which statement is true


  1. The word… in paragraph… refers to ________.

  2. The underlined word “…” means ________.

  3. The word “…” could be replaced by ________.

  四 写英文句子,少则5句,多则10句。

  写作的练习要结合高考的要求,分类准备。高考要求写的作文,主要有六项,即图表说明,记叙事件,描写人物,介绍某地、表述看法,及通知信件等应用文。高考的作文是有控制的写作(controlled writing 或guided composition)。字数限定在80-120个词,内容要点则通过图画,图表或文字提示给予限定。一般不考文章格式。


  A、主语+谓语+宾语,如:I love China.

  B、 主语+谓语,如:It happened yesterday.

  C、主语+系表结构,如:The book is easy.

  D、主语+谓语+宾语+宾语补足语,如:The teacher asked me to read it.

  E、 主语+谓语+双宾语,如:He gave me a book yesterday.



  on one hand on the other hand what’s more

  in a word  as a result so far as I know

  instead of  last but not least    to tell the truth

  as a matter of fact  in addition in a word

  believe it or notto begin with  in case


  五  见缝插针,适当听说




  1. Who cleaned the room

  2. Why did he come late

  3. What will he do tomorrow

  4. When did this conversation take place

  5. Where do they have the conversation


  1. What are they talking about

  2. What are the two speakers interested in

  3. Which of the following topics are they talking about

  4. What is the best title of the conversation


  1. What does the man think of it

  2. Do they agree with each other

  3. What do we learn from the woman’s words

  4. What is the probable relationship between the man and the woman

  5. What is the reason for his absence









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